Xplore's Rugged Tablets Run Oil & Gas Software in the Most Hazardous Areas

Download the free white paper to discover how Xplore Rugged Tablet PCs operate optimally under tough Oil and Gas conditions like extreme weather and temperatures, explosion-prone areas, oil spills, 7' drops, and more.

Download the "Xplore Tablets in the Oil & Gas Industry" White Paper:

With a unique selection of features that ensure safe and effective oil and gas operations, Xplore Rugged Tablets allow field personnel access the digital tools they need, in every location.

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  • Xplore's Oil and Gas features, including Class I Div 2 and ATEX certification (intrinsically safe), an award-winning sunlight-readable display, and a dust-tight and submersible casing, for all weathers and environments.
  • Common applications for Xplore tablet PCs, such as data collection and processing, workforce management, and safety and compliance
  • How Xplore tablets integrate with your current processes seamlessly, cutting costs across operations and drastically reducing total cost of ownership.