Why Do Oil & Gas Companies Choose Xplore Tablets for Hazardous Work?


Discover the features and specs of Xplore Rugged Tablet PCs that make them the optimal choice when selecting a field computer for Oil & Gas Operations.

Download the "Xplore Tablets in the Oil & Gas Industry" White Paper:

Xplore Rugged Tablets are Class I, Div 2 and ATEX certified to operate in explosion-prone areas, rugged enough to withstand all Oilfield, Offshore, and Industrial conditions, and are powerful enough to run robust digital applications-- no matter where workers travel.

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  • The unique, standard features of Xplore Rugged Tablets that are necessary for any Oil & Gas computer to ensure safety and optimal performance. 
  • Rugged and technical specifications of Xplore tablets, including the highest drop rating in the industry, a powerful Intel i7 core and full Windows OS, an award-winning sunlight-readable display, and a dust-tight and submersible casing, for all weathers.
  • How Xplore Tablet PCs can integrate seamlessly into common Oil and Gas applications such as data collection and processing, workforce management, and safety and compliance